We’re digging this year’s VBS theme!

March 4, 2021

LifeWay’s Vacation Bible School has a theme that’s right down our trench line!

“Destination Dig” features the land of the Bible as an evidence of the Bible’s historical trustworthiness.

We’re offering five, short supplemental videos for you to use in your VBS any way you see fit.

Day One: Bethlehem

Day Two: Pool of Siloam

Day Three: Gethsemane

Day Four: The Resurrection

Day Five: The Bible is True!

Once you’ve downloaded the video, you can insert it into your presentation software and use it in a big assembly or in individual classrooms.

To view and download the videos, follow the link for each day. You’ll find the download button below each video. Once you’ve downloaded the videos, just insert them into your presentation software for a great addition to this year’s VBS schedule!

Want more free images from Israel? Visit ibiblestock.org! If you’re really ambitious, you can use these images and our tutorials to make your own Destination Dig presentations!

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One comment on “We’re digging this year’s VBS theme!

  1. Jennifer Zeager Mar 11, 2021

    This amazing! Thank you!