The wilderness? For John, it was only natural.

October 11, 2020

We know very little about John the Baptizer’s preparation for ministry, only that he came out of “the wilderness.”

And yet, with that one detail, the land can tell us more than we ever imagined. Check out the second of a three-part series on one of the most intriguing personalities in the entire Bible.

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3 comments on “The wilderness? For John, it was only natural.

  1. Vira Garnto Oct 11, 2020

    Very good, thanks. Roy watched it with us. # 10 rating.

  2. Alan F Barfoot Oct 11, 2020

    love it, this is great. Really helps bring the bible to life. Suggest others watch.
    Alan Barfoot

  3. Debra Arnold Oct 12, 2020

    I truly enjoy your teachings !! Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have gained from your travels to Israel as well as all that our Lord has revealed to you as you study His Holy Word.