Everything around Jesus was radically different from life as you know it. After all, it’s been 2,000 years, and his culture was completely different from your culture.

He spoke a different language. He was Jewish. He lived in a different place than you do. He celebrated different holidays, sang different songs and knew a very different political environment. He memorized much or even all of what you probably call the “Old Testament.” More surprisingly, almost all of his listeners did the same thing!

Is it any wonder we miss so much of what people heard when Jesus was talking to them?

In this first episode of Secrets from the Ancient Paths, Pastor Andy Cook will explore one of the most obvious aspects of Jesus’ teaching style that most modern-day followers of Jesus miss. He quoted Scripture … constantly! That includes the day he promised his hearers that they could find “rest for their souls.” Jesus didn’t invent the saying. He was quoting one of the prophets!

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One comment on “Finally hearing what Jesus really said

  1. Jo Robbins Aug 1, 2020

    Such a blessing to listen and reinforce the wisdom of your books that point us to Jesus.