Following Jesus to the “Gates of Hades”

September 27, 2020

Of all the places the disciples thought they’d visit as disciples of Jesus, none of them ever imagined visiting the darkest corner of Israel. And yet, that’s where they were when Jesus took them to the “Gates of Hades” at Caesarea Philippi.

We should not be surprised, of course. Jesus asked us to be the “light of the world.” Did we somehow think we’d never take that light into the darkness?

Pastor Andy Cook teaches part of this videocast on location on the very ground where pagan temples once dominated the landscape.

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5 comments on “Following Jesus to the “Gates of Hades”

  1. Louisa Wiggins Sep 27, 2020

    By reading God’s word I know what it means to be a light and not in darkness. I’m reading bible verse out loud now. When are you taking a trip to Israel?

  2. Pat Earnest Sep 27, 2020

    Andy, you came to our church a few years ago (Harp’s Crossing Baptist) and I’ve been getting the EIN e-mails daily ever since. I share them with lots of folk & we’re all blessed! I specifically remember this one on the Gates of Hades and how revealing and impactful it was. These Ancient Paths videos are awesome. Thank you soooo much for taking time to do these. Makes my day! God bless. Pat Earnest, Fayetteville, GA

  3. Debbie Miles Sep 27, 2020

    This is the lesson Andy taught at our church in 2015 that gave us the desire to go on the 2016 spring trip to Israel. Had no idea that “the gate of hades” was an actual place! Love the way Andy brings the scripture to life by uncovering the “secrets from the ancient paths”. He speaks profoundly but simply. A friend of mine, who has been following these podcasts/videos, thanked me for sharing them with her and told me “Andy is the Max Lucado of our part of the world”! Each lesson is a few minutes well spent. I always learn something…. about scripture or myself!

  4. Vira Garnto Sep 27, 2020

    Thank you, loved the lesson on being that light in the dark places .

  5. Nancy Tate Sep 28, 2020

    Standing at that spot was profound for me! The path we took up to it was so beautiful to get to such a dark place. Thank you for this lesson Andy. The trip has forever changed my life.