July 2020 – Here’s an interview with Israeli tour guide Boaz Shalgi, who’s waiting for the pandemic to end with his family at their home in the Golan Heights.

Boaz Shalgi, speaking to an Experience Israel Now tour group at Bet She’an, one of the cities of the Decapolis.

While he was on the line, “Secrets” host Andy Cook asked him about Shabbat. In American culture, the “Sabbath” is on Sunday. And the concept of “keeping the Sabbath” has historically been connected to a long list of things Christians can’t do on Sunday.

But in Jewish life? It’s the favorite day of the week. And that day, by the way, isn’t Sunday.

Shalgi leads EDI Travel with the help of his wife, Magie. EDI has been the exclusive partner of Experience Israel Now tours in Israel since 2010.