Ever felt that you weren’t quite good enough to be a disciple of Jesus? Take a visit to the place where Jesus called his first disciples and absorb a wonderful fact: Jesus changed the world with a bunch of second stringers!

It’s our latest “videocast” episode, complete with amazing drone video of the Sea of Galilee and the ruins of ancient Capernaum. Want to see this video in its highest quality? Click here!

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3 comments on “B-Team Disciples

  1. Carol Clary Aug 30, 2020

    Thanks from a real B Teamer! All your presentations are a blessing.

  2. Betsy Rogers Aug 30, 2020

    Andy, You always know the right words to explain how to follow the ancient paths. God has given you a special gift and you use it so well. Your message is always uplifting. We appreciate you so very much.

  3. Tim Ham Aug 31, 2020

    Terrific mini-message and enlightening video!