Andy Cook has been exploring Biblical sites in Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy for the past 21 years. His “Experience Israel Now” ministry brings the Israel-tour experience to audiences in churches, schools, prisons and businesses.

A former journalist, Cook is author of several books, including “Secrets from the Ancient Paths,” “More Secrets from the Ancient Paths” and “Secrets from the Via Dolorosa.”

Cook has been recording video lessons at biblical locations like Bethsaida (above) since 2005, with many of his lessons appearing on the Christian Television Network. He has concentrated in recent years on training pastors, Bible teachers and small-group leaders in using more visual resources from the land of the Bible in their own ministries. Ready to access hundreds of free photographs, teaching videos, tutorial videos and the largest library of drone footage of biblical sites to be found anywhere? Visit

Want to go to Israel with Pastor Andy? He leads about two trips a year, though trips in the immediate future are on hold in light of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Married to Melody since 1979, Cook lives in aptly named Peach County, Georgia, enjoying life with three grown children, a growing number of grandchildren and a three-legged dog named Lt. Dan.